Dr Michail Mavrogiannis


I am a clinical researcher working within the Oxford Translational Cardiovascular Research group at the Radcliffe Department of Medicine. I am contributing to a number of the group’s projects concerning the development and validation of novel cardiovascular imaging biomarkers, in particular techniques for the prediction of stroke, a disease with significant global impact. Furthermore, I am involved in studies exploring the role of the perivascular Fat Attenuation Index as a means of enhancing our understanding of coronary artery disease risk and how the Index can be best utilized in clinical practice.

Before joining the group, my work was focused on assessing the epidemiological credibility of the associations of non-genetic factors with the risk for developing atrial fibrillation.

I graduated as Valedictorian from the Medical School at the University of Ioannina, Greece, in 2018. Subsequently, I worked as a primary care physician in an underserved Greek island.

I am passionate about medical education and I write educational scripts for Osmosis-Knowledge Diffusion, a medical education platform for healthcare professionals, students and the general public with around 2 million subscribers. I play basketball, have competed at a national level in Greece, winning a Men’s National Championship in 2011.

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