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The Role of Adipose-Tissue Derived wnt-ligands in the Regulation of Myocardial Redox Signalling

Redox signalling is a critical regulator of myocardial physiology and a rationale target in cardiovascular therapeutics, while obesity seems to trigger myocardial oxidative stress. The wnt signalling pathway is a critical regulator of these functions.

The  main aims of the REDOxHEART project are the following:

  • To characterize the downstream  wnt signalling  the human myocardium
  • To explore the mechanisms by which wnt signalling regulates myocardial redox state in adult heart
  • To explore the contribution of  wnt pathways in myocardial hypertrophy
  •  To define the clinical predictive value of circulating/tissue wnt ligands


Funding: This project is funded by the European Commission Horizon 2020 (grant No 656990)


If you would like more information about the REDOxHEART project please contact Dr. Konstantinos Psarros using the form below:

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