June 2020

UK C19-CRC: Using AI to measure increased acute and longer-term cardiovascular risk in Covid-19 patients

We are proud to inform participants that the ORFAN study has been awarded a National Flagship Programme status by the British Heart Foundation/National Institute of Health Research (BHF/NIHR) for the UK C19-CRC project. The project takes advantage of novel artificial intelligence (AI) techniques applied to CT chest scans to accurately measure the level of inflammation in the heart which is suspected to be a cause of severe responses to the virus. If you wish to read further information please visit the official BHF website:

February 2020

We would like to inform participants that a new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) privacy notice regarding long-term follow-up through NHS Digital has been approved. It is available in the links below:

AdipoRedOx Study:
ORFAN Study:
Bypass Vascular Study:
ART Vascular Study:

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